Pick Your E-Commerce Solution

Once you decide which ecommerce solution to utilize for your business, we need to integrate it with your website. This takes some basic work on my part to ensure everything is up and running smoothly, and that you are all trained up and ready to go.

Please fill out the form below to add-on the e-commerce packages of your choice. In some cases, you might want more than one. 

If you have already bought a web design package, you can use this link to schedule a time to go over your questions about this if needed.



PODIA for Sessions, Programs & Downloads
I recommend Podia for the healing and consulting part of the business.

Recommended to get this if you are going to use Podia. Up to 3.5 hours. After that, $63/hour.

  • Create branded images for Podia products
  • Embed Sessions Into Your Site

Get this one if you want me to do more of the initial setup in Podia altogether. $63/hour if time needed exceeds 6 hours.

  • Create branded images
  • Embed Sessions Into Your Site
  • Set up your sessions and products inside of Podia
  • Do CName Records for Podia Custom URL
  • Consult more deeply on how to best utilize Podia including:
    • Affiliates
    • Coupons
    • Upsells
  • Design your Podia pages based on your branding
  • Edit your copy for your sessions
  • Training you on how to use Podia

Or you can do this yourselves. It is pretty easy to learn!

My Podia link to create your Podia account if you go this route: https://www.podia.com/pricing/?via=chirayadharma

PODIA makes my life so much easier with managing sessions! It integrates with Calendly, Zoom, and many other software as needed. It makes it easy for your clients to always know where to access their goodies. I recommend PODIA if you want to do the Shaker package which includes the coaching plus digital downloads, webinars, etc. You can even put your free stuff here and start getting your people used to going to your podia login to see all your offers.

  • Etsy Store – ADD $180 TO ANY PACKAGE
    • Easier for beginners in some regards
    • Offers a marketing platform as well
    • Typically will be left behind at some point as the marketing brings you clients, because it is more expensive generally
      • It also doesn’t allow you to communicate directly with customers after sale
    • You could use it as your “starter ecommerce solution” or
      • utilize it in addition to your main e-commerce solution once you’re up and running with the main one
      • In this way, it can be utilized for its strong point which is the marketing to their very large audience

  • Shopify – ADD $180 TO ANY PACKAGE
    • Relatively easy to use and configure
    • You could sell your sessions and physical products here
      • redirects to downloads require more tech
      • i have to look more into selling coaching and post-sale links but it is likely easily doable one way or another
      • Podia will be better suited to this function but you can do it here if you want to
    • It has a point of sale
    • https://www.shopify.com/pricing

  • Woo Commerce – ADD $600 TO ANY PACKAGE
    • Basic plugin is free
    • This takes me more time on the front end to set up, but the advantage is, it’s on your own platform and you don’t have monthly fees
    • You will have annual fees depending on the kind of add-ons you need, for example:
      • Affiliate Marketing
      • Membership Plugins
    • http://woocommerce.com for details