Deep Package & Pricing Details

Hi there!

On this page, you’ll find deep information about your web build options. Please SCHEDULE A TIME TO CHAT if you have questions or want to go over this more deeply together on zoom or a phone call.

We’ve Created Bundles for Best Savings & Efficiency


  • The Works:
    • The Foundation, SEO, Newsletter Setup, Advanced Branding Plus 10-hours of additional time
    • $1300 + $600 + $300 + $1110 + $180 = $3490
    • Bundle Discount Offer: $3240 ($250 savings)
    • Then, add whichever E-commerce solution you want (both my fee and any fees associated with the platform(s) are additional)
  • The Core Foundation:
    • The Foundation + Email Service Creation & Connection + Advanced Brand Business Package:
    • $1300 + $600 + $180 = $2080
    • Bundle Discount Offer: $1930 ($150 savings)
    • Or two payments of $990 each ($1980)
    • Then, add whichever E-commerce solution you want (both my fee and any fees associated with the platform(s) are additional)
  • The Basic Foundation:
    • The Foundation + Email Service Creation & Connection + Basic Brand Package:
    • $1300 + $300 +$180 = $1780
    • Bundle Discount Offer: $1550 ($50 savings)
    • Then, add whichever E-commerce solution you want (both my fee and any fees associated with the platform(s) are additional)
  • Basic Website Package
    Everyone needs get this at a bare minimum. This is the foundation to be built on. 

5-7 Page Website (+ internal pages needed)
$1300 Includes 22 hours which is typically plenty to get the following up and running. If it takes excessively more than 22 hours, then I bill at $63 an hour soul family rate (and I will keep you posted if anything seems to be heading towards taking us over that amount of time). Does not include extras found in the packages.

“The Basic Foundation” Package Includes

  • Calendaring Integration
    • This means:

      • Accessing your Calendar so I can integrate it with Podia

      • Placing the calendar links you create into each Podia service type

  • Subscription & E-News List Integration
  • Home, About, Contact, Blog, Services,  Subscribe &/or other pages needed
    • Ecommerce integration is additional and then includes the “shop” page and product pages through whichever e-commerce solution is selected (see below)
  • Move anything desired over from existing website
  • Website Design
    • Work with you to create a design you absolutely love
    • Propagate that design throughout the site
    • Once the pages are designed, ensure the pages are also optimized for mobile devices and tablets  (this is called “responsive” design)
  • Move your URL “DNS” over to hosting if needed
  • Social Media integration (ie, icons linked to your social media)
  • Blog / Multiple Bloggers set up and basic training
  • Emails creation
    • Email accounts are included in the hosting
    • Show you how to use webmail and/or forward the address
    • If you want to configure them to work in your existing email (for ex., gmail) that is an additional task that I don’t do. I can advise if needed.
  • Program Integration (your dropbox files download after purchase of your program)
  • Basic training on how to blog, use the site, maintenance needed, etcetera
  • Basic privacy, terms and cookies statements
    • If you want to be fully GDPR compliant, this is an additional conversation.
    • Generally speaking, we have the basics covered in this package. If you want to dive deeper, you can do that as you wish.

Ongoing Site Maintenance

  • We can set up the site so it self-updates largely. It is still advisable to have me or someone who knows what they’re doing ensure that the site is running and updating smoothly.
  • Often, I’ll find wonderful VA’s to work with clients for ongoing admin support

Email Service Creation & Connection
$180 or this is included in The Core Foundation and The Works packages

  • Create E-News Free Account
    Connect to Website
  • Create Email Template with your Brand colors, header, fonts
  • Show you how to replicate the template to create your ongoing newsletters as you wish
  • Create Autoresponder Email for those who join

Brand Development – Basic $300 
Recommended at minimum
Choose this OR Brand and Business Development – Advanced as desired and required for your build.

Basic includes 2-hours of consultation so we can build out the following:

  • Logo Concept Development
  • Logo Design and/or Outsourcing Design if it needs an illustrator
    • Often times, I can do the logo myself. It depends on how complex the art needed is.
    • If we job it out, I can manage the process or you can manage the process.
    • If I manage the process, there are a few routes to take. Please inquire as needed.
  • Site Favicon (the little image that shows in the browser window)
  • Brand Colors, Fonts
  • Brand Mood Board
  • Brand Style consultation and then, this is Implemented on the Site
  • Main USP (Unique Selling Proposition) / Tagline

Brand and Business Development – Advanced
$600 – Includes all of the above plus the below or is included in THE CORE FOUNDATION Package and THE WORKS Package

Choose this OR Basic Branding as desired and required

  • Everything from Basic Brand Package
  • Logo creation management if the logo will be done by an illustrator
    • select illustrator
    • manage the process of back and forth
  • 3 levels of perfect customers
  • Access to my Manifest Your Brand Course worksheets
  • Creation of a professionally designed Brand Kit for use by yourself or any other providers for graphics, social media, etcetera
  • Social Media Graphics Templates created and shared with you for ongoing use in your campaigns
  • 4 hours of consulting on various topics as needed around your brand:
    • Business Name / URL conversation
    • Pricing Decisions
      • Discounts, Bundles
      • Services, Products
    • Legal aspects of the business
    • Trademark advisement
      • Do you need a trademark?
      • What’s involved?
      • How to go about discovering if you can apply for your register mark for your brand nationally, internationally
      • Recommendations
      • Training
    • Social media and marketing consultation / strategy development
      • Assessment of best platforms for you
      • Podcasting?
      • Youtube Channel? Monetizing it?
      • Which social channels are best for you?
      • Paid advertising
    • Affiliate program development
      • What does it take?
      • What’s the best software to use?
      • Advising on software
      • Consulting about your personal affiliate program
        • Percentages, etcetera

Social Media / Marketing Assessment / Consultation
$120 for a 90-minute session or can be included in the session / consulting time allotted for THE WORKS Package

  • If desired, i can consult with you about what you currently have going on for marketing and ways to expand that.
  • I am not a marketing director though I do have knowledge about various ways and means to commence / improve / enhance your marketing depending on your budget, and can make recommendations on what to look for in solid marketing assistance
  • For example, which social channels to use?Podcast? Blogging? Youtube? etc.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Basic
$300 or included in THE WORKS package

I recommend purchasing YOAST SEO professional version. If you decide to go with this, I will set up basic SEO functions on the site. I can add you into my package to save $50 annually on the cost of Yoast.

  • Basic keyword search and integration into all pages
  • Adding keywords to the writing on the site after keywords are determined
  • Adding keywords to image titles
  • Yoast basic set up
  • Google Analytics basic set up
  • Instruction on how to ongoingly add to your SEO as you add blog posts, items for sale in your store, etc.
  • Yoast SEO Plugin $49*Annually (included first year)
  • If you want deep SEO consultation in addition to what this package provides, I can recommend people who are good at this

E-Commerce Solutions To Choose From


Top Recommendations:

***** Podia Shaker + Shopify
(Shaker $89/month) + ($29 or $79/month depending on which one you choose)

  • Easiest set up, best use of softwares for your purposes

***** Podia + Shopify (+Etsy)

Do this if you want to add Etsy’s marketing mojo

  • Adds more work but also, more marketing mojo

Podia + Etsy

Do this if you don’t feel ready for Shopify yet and are ok with Etsy’s higher fees in exchange for their marketing mojo while you get started

  • Good option for budget startup


Do this if you want to run everything through one store (not as good for the services but it will work)

  • I’m not really feeling this for some reason, but look into it and see how you all feel about it!


Do this if you want to run products and services through one store, and are ok with a little more up front cost plus learning curve, and you want to have your entire operation on your own platform

  • We can definitely go this route if that’s what you want to do, no problem
  • It would cover everything as there are plugins for all the bells and whistles
  • Would need to further assess for pricing

Ecommerce Details

Through this process, I am helping you choose an e-commerce solution based on several factors. The cost will differ depending on how much of the ecommerce setup you are going to do vs. how much I will be doing. This will be a deeper conversation once we decide which one to use. 

E-commerce cost and selection will depend on these factors:

  • the types of products and services you offer
  • how willing you are to work with a learning curve of any given software (some are easier)
  • your budget for e-commerce
  • your ongoing desire for maintenance of the store or whether you will need support from me or a virtual assistant

Main E-Commerce Options

Each flavor has its own set of benefits related to how your store operates. Depending on the choice and size of the store, the price will vary. I would likely recommend for you, Shopify plus Etsy for starting out.

PODIA for Sessions, Programs & Downloads

I recommend Podia for the healing and consulting part of the business.

Recommended to get this if you are going to use Podia. Up to 3.5 hours. After that, $63/hour.

  • Create branded images for Podia products
  • Embed Sessions Into Your Site

Get this one if you want me to do more of the initial setup in Podia altogether. $63/hour if time needed exceeds 10 hours.

  • Create branded images
  • Embed Sessions Into Your Site
  • Set up your sessions and products inside of Podia
  • Do CName Records for Podia Custom URL
  • Consult more deeply on how to best utilize Podia including:
    • Affiliates
    • Coupons
    • Upsells
  • Design your Podia pages based on your branding
  • Edit your copy for your sessions
  • Training you on how to use Podia

Or you can do this yourselves. It is pretty easy to learn!

Click here for my Podia link to create your Podia account if you go this route: 

PODIA makes my life so much easier with managing sessions! It integrates with Calendly, Zoom, and many other software as needed. It makes it easy for your clients to always know where to access their goodies. I recommend PODIA if you want to do the Shaker package which includes the coaching plus digital downloads, webinars, etc. You can even put your free stuff here and start getting your people used to going to your podia login to see all your offers.

  • Etsy Store – ADD $180 TO ANY PACKAGE
    • Easier for beginners in some regards
    • Offers a marketing platform as well
    • Typically will be left behind at some point as the marketing brings you clients, because it is more expensive generally
      • It also doesn’t allow you to communicate directly with customers after sale
    • You could use it as your “starter ecommerce solution” or
      • utilize it in addition to your main e-commerce solution once you’re up and running with the main one
      • In this way, it can be utilized for its strong point which is the marketing to their very large audience
  • Shopify – ADD $180 TO ANY PACKAGE
    • Relatively easy to use and configure
    • You could sell your sessions and physical products here
      • redirects to downloads require more tech
      • i have to look more into selling coaching and post-sale links but it is likely easily doable one way or another
      • Podia will be better suited to this function but you can do it here if you want to
    • It has a point of sale
    • If you sell CBD products, this one is best
    • It’s a little more challenging than shopify
    • It’s also good if you’re going to go B2B as they have an advanced wholesale track if desired
  • Woo Commerce – ADD $600 TO ANY PACKAGE
    • Basic plugin is free
    • This takes me more time on the front end to set up, but the advantage is, it’s on your own platform and you don’t have monthly fees
    • You will have annual fees depending on the kind of add-ons you need, for example:
      • Affiliate Marketing
      • Membership Plugins

Affiliate Management

Let me know how soon you want to go with this. There are many options. It takes a learning curve and ongoing attention to do well. Some platforms make it easy, others are more work.

  • Options of software have various choices depending on which e-commerce solution you choose.
  • Knowing you want this will also refine the e-commerce solutions down to those that affiliate management works well with.

Annual Purchases

  1. Your hosting and any other custom add-ons or plugins will sometimes be billed annually
  2. Your domain name will be billed annually through your hosting account
  3. Annual sharing of pro software fees. The first year is included in your build.
    • Payment comes to me and I pay the bills annually
    • Elementor Pro $20
    • Gravity Forms $20

Additional Time Packages


  • You can buy this in packs of 5 hours at $315 or 10 hours at $540 ($90 discount) or 20 hours at $1110 ($150 discount)
  • This can include:
    • Ongoing Site Maintenance
    • Updates
    • Corrections
    • Brand Coaching
    • Mental / Emotional Support for creating your business and brand and stepping out into the world with your offers
    • Copy Writing
      • Basic editing / tweaking of your copy is included in The Foundation. If you would like me to write original copy, I bill that at $63 / hour.
      • Headlines
      • Sales Pages
      • Blog Posts
      • Website Sections
    • Setting up an overseas Virtual Assistant to help you with needed aspects of site and store maintenance at an inexpensive rate
    • Additional consulting beyond the foundational packages
    • Additional training time / support for any function for your website / business
    • Etcetera